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Angara Oval Sapphire and Round Diamond Cathedral Ring in White Gold dT1oWV9bZW
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In January of 2016, Breitbart published a piece imploring its readership to watch an Identitarian video published by a German branch of the movement. The Identitarian strain of the Alt-Right define themselves in opposition to multiculturalism and advocate for ethnically and culturally homogenous regions. The racist video attacks German politicians for Germany’s immigration policies stating, “You preach of the diversity of cultures yet you destroy them” and “you create yourselves a new people and turn us into foreigners.”

The slow, but steady, shift toward more radical ideological content is troubling considering Breitbart’s reach. is one the top 1,000 most popular websites on the Internet, and just outside the top 200 most popular websites in the United States, according to Alexa. Contrast that with Identitäre Bewegung Deutschland, the group who made the video, whose website ranks outside the top 1.4 million most popular websites worldwide and outside the top 120,000 in Germany, according to Alexa.

Another popular racist conspiracy theory that Breitbart has propagated is the trope that African-Americans are committing crimes against whites at alarming rates.

An example of Breitbart's sensationalist headlines around race and violence.

Following the August 2015 Ashley Stewart Plus Size Pearl Bangle Bracelet Set Pearl N/S Ashley Stewart ITLFqU8L
of a white journalist and a cameraman live on air by a disgruntled African-American former co-worker, Breitbart published the race-baiting headline, “Race Murder in Virginia: Black Reporter Suspected of Executing White Colleagues – On Live Television !” The headline is remarkably similar to ones seen on the website of the white nationalist group Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), which is dedicated to spreading the falsehood to the public about the “epidemic” of black on white crime.

Charleston shooter Dylann Roof credited the CCC website as being his gateway into white nationalism after he stumbled upon it when searching Google for information on black on white crime. Following the murder of the journalist and cameraman, the CCC’s headline was actually more benign than Breitbart’s. The CCC article, published by white nationalist Jessie Western 18k yellow gold Kinetic green tourmaline ring L7CgLH
read, “Black Male Shoots Former White Co-Workers On Live Television.”

Breitbart’s Alt-Right primer, published at the end of March, is possibly its most disturbing piece to date. The piece ignores the racist views of the Alt-Right founders –– white nationalists Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor and others ––instead referring to them as the movement’s “intellectuals.” The piece is a striking example of the direction the network has moved over the past year.

Arnold responded with comments that suggested photographs of squalid conditions at the complex highlighted by Shroyer were not actually taken there. Arnold later backed off the claim, however, explaining that her assertion had been based on the initial unwillingness of an attorney working with Shroyer to supply the addresses where the photos were taken.

The candidates both initially agreed to participate in a meeting a week after the Independent Journal forum to discuss whether they support a new approach to addressing homelessness in Marin and protections for renters. Arnold attende, but Shroyer canceled after meeting with the meeting’s organizer, the Marin Organizing Committee, to discuss the meeting’s rules.

Shroyer said she rejected the invitation because the meeting was a “debate-like situation” and she had already done two debate/forums. In addition to the IJ forum, Shroyer participated with Arnold in a video-taped forum sponsored by the Marin League of Women Voters where no audience was allowed.

During the Marin League of Women Voters’ forum, said she would bring in citizen volunteers to advise the county on cost cutting, participate in contract negotiations with county employees, and conduct environmental studies pro bono.

Arnold responded that Shroyer’s proposal for using citizen volunteers to do environmental studies illustrated her “lack of understanding of the complexity and importance of California Environmental Quality Act review.”

As she did four years ago, Shroyer criticized Arnold and her fellow supervisors for spending too much on expensive consultants and doing too little to reduce spending on county employee pensions.

Shroyer highlighted her role in helping to defeat Measure E, a parcel tax on the November 2017 ballot that would have cost owners of single-family homes $46 per year, and joined the chorus of those criticizing county supervisors for deciding to buy the San Geronimo Golf Course.

Arnold said that Measure E was needed for flood control because there are no other sources of funds the county can use. Arnold noted that she voted against purchasing the golf course on the final vote after voting earlier to consider the purchase.

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or follow Richard on Twitter: @HalsteadRichard .


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Creating Business Value through Talent Acquisition

by Lynne Russell , on 8.1.2014


We Believe that Talent Acquisition is Different than Recruitment. Much Different.

In fact, we see it as fundamentally different.

And that's not to challenge the importance of recruitment - as you'll see later in this article, we see both working beautifully together - they just have different purposes and therefore, require different capabilities to be successful. But let's be clear from the outset, building a Talent Acquisition capability is not achieved by simply rebranding or renaming your Recruitment function into Talent Acquisition - it takes much more than that.

The Creation of Business Value through Talent Acquisition

At its very core, Talent Acquisition is built around creating business value.

And in the same way a successful company knows what make its products, services and solutions unique in the competitive market space (aka - its value proposition), Talent Acquisition must understand, identify and strategically source the people-side of that competitive advantage or value proposition.

To many, recruitment connotes a traditional process-view of attracting and sourcing a candidate to fill an open seat. Talent Acquisition, on the other hand, speaks to a much more holistic and strategic view of your workforce plan, talent pipeline or people supply chain.

Talent Acquisition - What Does It Mean?

Let’s start with breaking down the etymology of Talent Acquisition (tal·ent ac·qui·si·tion).


Derived the from Latin word talentum which, in Ancient Greece, was a measurement unit for precious metal.

Interesting, I hear you say - as precious metal likely conjures up images of scarcity, high value, and success for those who know where to find or acquire it.

Sounds familiar doesn't it?


And the intent of an acquisition in business is often about gaining capabilities of another organization in a strategic drive to create value. This could be in the form of gaining access to a target’s client-base, intellectual property, product-line, profit-line or people.

So, when these two concepts come together – we get something that's crucially important in strategically identifying, finding and integrating precious value-creators (in the form of people) for your company – with a line of sight into helping them rapidly achieve their potential and create the value that you “acquired” them for.

This isn’t recruitment.

Are You Approaching Talent Acquisition with Recruitment Capabilities?

While it's fair to say that some organizations (or some positions) require the more process-driven approach of (recognizing that strategic talent acquisition would be overkill in some instances), our focus in this article is really around why many organization are tackling Talent Acquisition with the processes, tools and mindset of recruitment.

I suggest this question could be simplified and answered by assessing whether you are focusing most of your efforts ahead of the curve finding the kind of talent that creates competitive advantage for your lines of business, or spending most of your efforts taking orders and filling positions.

Another way to look at this might be with the help of this handy-dandy Talent Acquisition-to-Recruitment Continuum (see below) - where Talent Acquisition lives down at the strategic, proactive end and Recruitment lives down at the reactionary, fill-the-empty-seats end.

While it might be rare for an organization to entirely live down at either end of the continuum, you likely live somewhere just east or west of the equilibrium.

Some questions:

What Does Successful Talent Acquisition Look Like?

For one perspective on this, which I happen to like a lot, we need to look at the Aberdeen Group for their definition of Best-in-Class Performance for Talent Acquisition.

In their September 2013 Study of , Aberdeen Group base their definition on the following:

They also articulate the characteristics of these Best-in-Class Talent Acquisition capabilities - which include:

Best-in-Class Talent Acquisition Creates Competitive Advantage

Best-in-Class Talent Acquisition isn't rebranded Recruitment. It's strategic, value-driven and supported by evidence in the form of business data and qualitative insight.

To come full circle back to the etymology of Talent Acquisition, mining companies don't find their pools of precious resources through luck and random exploration. The same goes for the employee equivalent of .

Acquiring, developing and retaining the right talent is truly about creating competitive advantage through your people - and don't just take our word for it. Harvard Business Review make a pretty compelling case for this in their 2013 report where they state "the payoff for companies that get this right is enormous".

View it as a journey and if you aren't already driving down this path, there's no better time to start than now....actually, yesterday.

Let us know if you need help!
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by Guest Post

Tokenization is one aspect of a rapidly-evolving movement toward more fluid and Kenneth Jay Lane Polished Gold Doorknocker Pierced Earring Gold UuNOXCm77
. This movement made its way into the mainstream with Emanuele Bicocchi Mens White Marble Beaded Bracelet ZTQaR4T
and Ethereum , the largest Charlotte Valkeniers supernova ring Metallic XLU9mA
by trading volume, and has progressed with the advent of updated blockchains that support new digital currencies.

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Tokenization is the process of assigning a token as a unit of value for the specific asset it represents. In the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces, a token is a computing protocol for assigning a digital token to represent an asset so it can be used as a medium for value exchange in a network.

Though these spaces are relatively nascent industries, tokenization is not a new concept. In a sense, the U.S. dollar is an analog, generic, traditional asset token: It is considered legal tender for all public and private debts, is backed by the government, and like other fiat currencies, it represents a unit of value that people agree upon. If you were to tokenize the dollar on a blockchain, it would be worth about a dollar.

As recently as 1950, there were thousands of functioning forms of tokenized currency in the U.S. alone. Individual banks issued parallel banknotes, while industrial and agricultural trading companies would write their own “scrip” to streamline transactions with suppliers and buyers. Additionally, local and state governments, retailers, and property brokers offered alternate forms of currency for trade, often because the supply of actual government-issued currency was quite scarce or illiquid.

Even now, we use utility tokens for everyday services like car washes, laundromats, and arcades. We buy flights using airline loyalty points, gamble with casino chips, and trade in various gift cards. In this sense, tokenization doesn’t seem like a new concept.

Tokenization has become a hot topic largely due to the recent phenomenon of Initial Coin Offerings, or , which can also be called Token Generation Events, or TGEs. Whether it is called an ICO or TGE, a company will issue a new cryptocurrency, digital coin or token that investors can purchase as an investment in the company. Consequently, the company can raise millions of dollars in capital without using the conventional VC funding model. It is no wonder that in the last three years, we have gone from just a handful of known cryptocurrencies to more than 4,000 .

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