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New research is showing that top freestyle rappers like Eminem rap use a different part of their brain than normal people when they are rapping and this could explain why they are so much better. Researchers have found that there is a specific portion of the brain that is responsible for self-monitoring and control and this area is essentially shut down when rappers like Eminem are rapping. The thought is when this area of the brain is shut down there is less that can impede creative flow. Thinking itself, is often what limits one's ability to find good rhyming words and top freestylers are...
Rhymes are one of the most important elements to learn freestyle rap. In This Article, You’ll Learn How to: Why a feminine rhyme is so important How to perform a word breakdown Develop complex rhymes based upon the breakdown   Freestyle Lyrics with the Feminine Rhyme What is more impressive to you? You don't mean much to me Cuz all you do ends in catastrophe OR Spending time with you is sheer tragedy Cuz all you do ends in catastrophe   What makes the second couplet so much better sounding? It is because the second couplet is a feminine rhyme....
In This Article, You’ll Learn How to write better lyrics and rhymes: What a backup rhyme scheme is Build up your own backup scheme Determine when to implement it   Backup with Better Lyrics and Rhymes "Compared to your last successor You got no teaching skills professor Don't make sense, staring at this whiteboard schematic When half your class can't do basic mathematics! But...but you can't teach class you're a fanatic, Cuz your frantic? Or is that equation for aerodynamics?"   Strong Beginning. Terrible Finish. It is human nature to remember what was last said, not what was said in...
Are you ready to learn how to freestyle rap? In This Article, You'll Learn How to: Design your rhymes to make them appear more elaborate than they really are Target specific opponents  with your lyrics Combine these tactics into one fluid delivery.   How did Eminem do it? How are the top ten freestylers the top ten? Surely there has to be some secret that Kendrick Lamar is using? Well, it turns out that there isn't one secret, but many secrets. And each secret that you learn adds to your arsenal of tactics and improves your ability to wow the crowds....
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